The recent poll made by Accenture Financial Services and Marketing Consumer Study shows that when it comes to banking, 61 percent of people that participated in the poll said that they want person-to-person payment tools, 60 percent want contactless payments.

78 percent are happy to share personal data, but 66% demand faster, easier services in return. 59% would like banks to help with purchases like buying a car/house.

53 percent would like instant access face-to-face banking, and 64 percent think that devices that allow them to access online banking are extremely important.

58% would like banks to send them information about services exactly when needed (e.g. information about mortgage deals when house-hunting) 54% want specific real-time offers based on their location (e.g. retail offers based on location and credit card activity).

In the years that follow, the accent will be on the banking systems that are even more efficient and enable consumers to access their payments online, so that software systems are even more improved for instant access from any device. That means that devices will have to be responsive more than ever, always up to date. Software products need to be constantly improved, with all information up to date.