Cloudoor is a new category of managed services with the aim to support enterprises when approaching the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in practice! Cloudoor cares about business performance and supports organizations:

CLOUDOOR makes you successful on the way to destination and to address all important stations of your journey. They may be either business, technological or compliance focused. We add the currently most important potential milestones of the industry as our objectives:

Other very valuable stations are supporting initiatives like:

SPIN-OFF or Curve-Out & ENTROPY assessments to sharpen the business focus and to waste unneeded

CONSOLIDATION or reductions of management points

FAIL-SAFE analysis to check out new business scenarios

To climb our first milestone CLOUDOOR includes automated functionality to enable a smart, smooth and silent CLOUD transformation. That features include private, public and hybrid principals and the variety of IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, SaaS or Bare Metal cloud products from vendors like ORACLE, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google. Any other product can be added on demand.

CLOUDOOR is adjustable to any need and complexity of consumer but will mainly focus to discover the jungle where almost all large clients and ISV’s are lost. CLOUDOOR will enlighten the complete Application Landscape with the underlying Data-center services and well as to clear out the complete service delivery chain between the particular stakeholder and the final operation unit.

Always focusing one whole or many enterprises within one dome. CLOUDOOR builds an artificial OSI-10 Layer. This permanently updated SOURCE OF TRUTH which includes up to 15.000 aggregated business and technology parameters is used as a compass to navigate to the right ORACLE Cloud service product.

That intelligence can either be used from the view of an ORACLE ISV partner who services many individual clients separately or from the view of a large enterprise which is serviced by thousands of 3rd, 4th or even 5th party service providers.