A vast expansion of the IoT is posing serious danger of cybercriminals intruding into our privacy. There should be no doubt that networks of devices infected with malware without their users’ knowledge will be one of the most common cybercrimes in the year to come. The menace of credential stuffing and account takeover will be on the rise in 2017. Hackers, highly motivated to break into accounts and fraudulently transfer money, would cause further problems for both business and individuals. Online banking accounts are massively taken over by usage of spyware, phishing or malware scams. Fraudsters also attack other services of sensitive content to divulge personal information for identity theft. The scale of the problem is increasing and therefore we should be all aware of this threat.

Robotic GRC | 365 is fully automated and captures processes, runtimes, their memory and CPU utilization from all devices connected. Based on setup of our managed service those processes are going to be checked either separately or in general by operation system. Of course we can only check processes which beforehand could not be identified or rooted to a software or application. Right afterward Robotic GRC | 365 is tracing trusted sources to check, if one of the processes from our suspicion list is a malware, virus or trojan. As soon as we could find such a candidate we are alarming the Security and Governance.

Think safe, think the future.