Modern enterprises achieve success when they adapt to industry and marketplace shifts and incorporate new technology into company culture and regular operations. However, digital transformation isn’t only about technology, it’s about bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change that it can lead for the organization. DIGTRA is our answer to all these challenges.

DIGTRA proactive innovation is one of the best ways to stay competitive in an evolving marketplace. New technology needs to be assessed, tested, analyzed, and judged more quickly than ever. Businesses can no longer afford to waste time and resources implementing new tools that offer no real value. This means a ‘fail fast, to succeed faster’ mentality.

The faster your organization can go from idea to implementation the more it can embrace opportunities to transform and even disrupt markets and internal business models. Adaptability plays a major role here as well. If a company has an adaptive culture where new tech can be easily integrated, that enterprise is set up for long-term success.

Young professionals prefer flexibility to compensation. Mobile technology and bandwidth proliferation allow businesses to connect with (and retain) top talent anywhere in the world. Contract and freelance employees appreciate the ability to work from home or while sitting on the beach. Companies benefit from having the ability to hire the most talented employees available in any time zone. As businesses’ digital transformations continue to support telecommute capabilities, we’ll see exciting new developments and opportunities for remote operations. With DIGTRA software all industries can benefit and stay on top, simply because we have a unique approach and are the only solution of that kind.

Analytics drive business by showing how your customers think, what they want, and how the market views your brand. In the age of Digital Transformation, almost everything can be measured. In the coming year this will be a cornerstone of how businesses operate. Every important decision can and should be supported by the application of data and analytics.

DIGTRA is the new Digital Transformation. Our talented consultants help clients define and deliver winning strategies by harnessing the power of this new digital economy, through a collaborative, relationship-based approach. We design and deliver significant transformations through our mastery of digital advances, information insight, and business transformation. Our commitment is to deliver significant improvements in performance.


Key digital transformation initiatives


Digitization as a catchphrase seems to have a very big effect on our society, as we have the periphery for the first time in order to participate in this transformation. Whether private or business, we have become more autonomous. The agony of choice is changing through the immense range of products and services!


With DIGTRA, Prosper Intelligence offers a new managed service with the goal of navigating companies during the practical execution of their digital transformation. DIGTRA ensures successful digitization and supports organizations to achieve the necessary goals