The rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the landscape in the financial-services sector. Banks offer financial planning and trading applications through smartphones and social media; cloud technologies are increasingly accepted, and in many cases robotics are already reducing cost and increasing quality. All this activity has provided new opportunities for the industry. There is thus a significantly higher premium on the performance of the IT teams in FS institutions. To meet the demands of the new marketplace — to offer competitive, well-designed digital products and services, with a much faster speed-to-market, while lowering costs and continuing to support legacy systems — an IT function has to be flexible, efficient, and responsive.

OUTSOURCING GOVERNOR is the new solution from Prosper Intelligence. The new governance is capable of exchanging information vertically as well as horizontally through hybrid IT Service delivery, with a multitude of service TSPs across the globe. This service also solves the problems of differing quality and quantity standards, tool sets and setups, languages and maximum distribution for nearshore and offshore sourcing policies. OUTSOURCING GOVERNOR is a multi-tiered cloud-enabled real-time platform which is designed for enterprise-wide usage.