Forget about virtual assistance, the future of business world is the next-gen application service that gives you the possibility to control your enterprise through your mobile phone. So imagine pocketsize enterprise on the palm of your hand and you don`t even need to be on-line all the time.

With Managers' Co-Partner AIntuition services, data coverage is fully obtained through mobile application that enables you to stay ahead of competition in every moment of your working life. Without time-consuming notebook, your world is differently organised, with you at the top of the game in every second.

Productive power of AI algorithms will not just keep you up-to-date, but lead you to stay step ahead as you put all your ideas into one place, one context. So, if you are driving, for example, and some ideas about your business come to mind, all you need to do is put it under Dana`s agenda as this application will help you to sort and expand your plans, making you efficient and effective every step of the way.

The more time you spend effectively constructing your businesses, the less time is spent on money and energy consuming tasks. This application is independent, it works without you being constantly on-line, so that you can keep some information off-line.

Decentralized AI is the development of edge computing that moves intensive computations from remote cloud applications to the network edges where digital devices sensing and collecting information, keeping your notifications available while off-line.

Each enterprise runs individually, and with this one-device one-application, parameters can be set based on your preferences. Just keep your mobile battery full and data-package by your side and keep your enterprise in complete control.


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Although you work an average of 64 hours a week, you and your board colleagues are failing to fully achieve the strategic goals of your company. Experience has shown that cumbersome, slow and aestheticized reporting is the main reason for missed risk minimization and identification of potentials.