Top adoption drivers of hybrid/multi-cloud environments include flexibility & choice of where workloads can operate (64%), extending IT resource capacity (56%), and maximizing the return of existing on-premises IT investments (56%). 49% of IT leaders also are adopting hybrid cloud/multi-cloud environments to migrate workloads between private/public cloud and on-premises/off-premises environments. This is one of the key factors driving Oracle to move so quickly to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Oracle customers continue to move database workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud platforms, looking for flexibility in how they optimize workloads.

DIGTRA and Robotic GRC | 365 are two solutions for these challenges.

DIGTRA is a new category of managed services with the aim to support enterprises when approaching the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in practice! DIGTRA cares about business performance and supports organizations:

1. to achieve all necessary objectives 2. while they address their uncertainty 3. and act in future with integrity

Our solution Robotic GRC | 365 consists of several scalable components.

Robotic GRC | 365 is a pure software base solution developed out of open source platforms. High-available (HA) data base cluster ensures we can manage high data loads, so that we are scalable.

Embedded load balancers are continuously managing high load to database.