Any of our software products are always embedded in the client’s network in data center, where they can trustfully handle confidential enterprise data.

Our way of managed services ensures that all data is secured in the client’s domain.

One of the biggest challenges is to import from existing information sources, prove the quality by sanity checks, consolidate the data, and enrich. Therefore, our software products have the ability to connect CMDBs, contract management systems, HR systems or other data base systems. We can also make regular imports from hierarchical files. All that is sorted within several data stores and includes a robot which has the capability to permanently consolidate that data. This intelligence also handles the continuous data gathering via our embedded E-Discovery solution. Our E-Discovery solution gathers up to 25,000 updates from any business technology asset. We collect everything about installed hardware and software, their utilization and SLAs, processes and communication matrix. All data discovered via E-Discovery we can link and relate to any individual, contract, business application, business region, or regulatory guidelines. All that happens continuously without interruption.

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